24 Images from Tokyo…

What do they sell here? Doctors? At the Museum of the Future Asimo - the robot Yes - this is a car! Cars of the future from Toyota Sakura...cherry blossom time At Ueno Park Watching the Tokyo Giants...they lost! Yes - a 'cat salon' - 30 minutes with a kitty for 800 yen... well..you expect one HK shot don't you? Plastic food in Kappabashi (used for display outside restaurants like a visual meal) a solution to no space and the need to park your car many many people How's this for multiple subway lines (13 in fact) "Can you see me?" "I'm over here!" Fashion in Harajuku Don't ask...it got better when they did a song/dance (it was for a commercial) At Meiji Shrine DSC00483 The Sakuradamon Gate at the Imperial Palace (smack dab in the middle of Tokyo) The famous "Red Gate" at Tokyo University (Todai is the top university in Japan) Well of course Todai would have spiffy loos - a wash, rinse and dry all possible! Asakusa Temple in Tokyo on a very windy and wet day... Asakusa's Pagoda The NEX Narita Express to the airport...


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